#334: Quarter Poetry Final

I don’t know what any of this means. Here’s a reference to a poem I don’t understand. I’m quoting now a line from a poem I don’t understand. Here’s a reference to another poem. I’m quoting the poem now. Look, I’ve cited the poem’s title and the name of the poet and the line numbersContinue reading “#334: Quarter Poetry Final”

#333: Persona Non Grata

I sit here in your classroom and I am barely alive. I cannot keep awake. I fall off every few seconds and just hope no one notices. Mostly, no one notices. I could probably put my head down on my desk and drift away. Some teachers might gently coax me awake, others might startle meContinue reading “#333: Persona Non Grata”

#212: Rosaline Goes to an Old Accustomed Feast

Today’s napowrimo suggestion is to write a poem in the point of view of a minor character in a folktale or myth. I choose neither. Because Shakespeare: Rosaline Goes to an Old Accustomed Feast I was on the guest list and I decided to go even though I knew he would be there. I wanted noContinue reading “#212: Rosaline Goes to an Old Accustomed Feast”

#208: Lord Capulet Cleans Out His Chakra House

Down there in the red Root the ground is slipping. That navel orange Sacral space is pretty much on fire and my Solar Plexis spins like a drunken dervish on a yellow sun. All the Heart Stuff bubbles and boils dangerously toward destruction, comes up green in my throat and I find myself shouting all the time. Finally,Continue reading “#208: Lord Capulet Cleans Out His Chakra House”

#205: Lord Capulet Takes an Almanac Questionnaire

The optional assignment from the napowrimo website: Today, I challenge you to fill out, in no more than five minutes, the following “Almanac Questionnaire,” which solicits concrete details about a specific place (real or imagined). Then write a poem incorporating or based on one or more of your answers. It took me longer than fiveContinue reading “#205: Lord Capulet Takes an Almanac Questionnaire”

#204: During Act Two, Capulet Writes A Poem

I know what’s coming. It’s happened before, as if in a loop, in exactly the same way each time and it never ends well. But I’m always surprised: the shouting in the streets, the alarm, the subsequent chaos, my wife charging into the fray screaming bloody murder over the death of nephew Tybalt. And I’mContinue reading “#204: During Act Two, Capulet Writes A Poem”

#197: Lord Capulet Speaks of the Unspeakable

Note: Here’s a persona poem in which the speaker is aware of his author/creator and for which the writer/actor slaved all day to make the damn thing rhyme and then asked one of his fellow actors to take a picture of him as Lord Capulet. Also, this poem responds to the napowrimo optional prompt in a kindContinue reading “#197: Lord Capulet Speaks of the Unspeakable”

#195: Curtains

I hold her body in my arms, dead and not dead, my child and not my child. I am Lord Capulet and Kate is Juliet. In life we are virtual strangers, but on stage, I hold her in my arms and under the hot stage lights I weep for her death, or close to it. IContinue reading “#195: Curtains”

#168: Barack Obama Speaks of Mirrors

Barack Obama Speaks of Mirrors What I see. Damn, I am handsome and my wife is beautiful and my children–exceptional. Hands down, I am the most handsome president in the history of these United States of America. I, too, am perhaps the funniest. Did you see my spiel at the White House Correspondents Dinner? Damn,Continue reading “#168: Barack Obama Speaks of Mirrors”