#241: Stones

What I thought was Donald Trump turned out to be kidney stones. I did the research, and among the listed causes for stones, Trump was nowhere to be found. Stress, however, can indirectly lead to poor health choices that might lead to stones. I admit, I am stressed, have spent more time worrying about the fateContinue reading “#241: Stones”

#24o: Afterinaugurationmath

The day after my media fast, I binged on media, mostly on pictures and stories of women, women holding signs saying things like, You can’t have my rights, I’m using them; This is my resisting bitch face; So bad, even introverts are here; I came here to knit sweaters and punch nazis and I’m all out ofContinue reading “#24o: Afterinaugurationmath”

#239: 24 Hours, No Facebook, No News Redux (Inauguration Day, 2017)

It’s inauguration day and I have once again sworn off Facebook and any internet news or television media for 24 hours. All I know is that my son watched the thing in his 5th grade classroom today and he said some kids and his teacher were crying. He and a friend, he said, were angry and felt thatContinue reading “#239: 24 Hours, No Facebook, No News Redux (Inauguration Day, 2017)”

#228: On the Day After the Election

Having wept myself to sleep the night before, I got up and went to work in the school house where we met in small teams in the library to plan or do curriculum work or talk about assessments, where instead I chose to color with crayons at the table our new librarian set up forContinue reading “#228: On the Day After the Election”

#168: Barack Obama Speaks of Mirrors

Barack Obama Speaks of Mirrors What I see. Damn, I am handsome and my wife is beautiful and my children–exceptional. Hands down, I am the most handsome president in the history of these United States of America. I, too, am perhaps the funniest. Did you see my spiel at the White House Correspondents Dinner? Damn,Continue reading “#168: Barack Obama Speaks of Mirrors”

#35: Sax and Violins

The title stolen from the Talking Heads tune; the subject stolen from real life. Censorship, or the urge to censor, is still alive and well. Sax and Violins The parent of the high school junior objects to all the sax and violins in the literature studied in English classes. She objects, in the case ofContinue reading “#35: Sax and Violins”

#2: Lies My Presidents Told Me

In keeping with the April Fools theme, and in a sideways response to today’s prompt on the National Poetry Writing Month website, I offer poem number two for your consideration: Lies My Presidents Told Me I did not sleep with that woman, while, technically a lie, can also be seen as the truth, as itContinue reading “#2: Lies My Presidents Told Me”