A Journal of the Plague Year: #9

Just a few observations today in no particular order, or, rather, more accurately, in the order in which they occurred to me: War of the Worlds seems to be our binge-show of choice at the moment. There’s nothing like a great end-of-the-world story to get you through a pandemic. In related news: my son andContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #9”

A Journal of the Plague Year: #5

The day begins with session 10 of a guided meditation with Sam Harris. I’m not a huge fan of guided meditations, per se, because I feel while I’m meditating I don’t want somebody else’s voice in my head. But I am a fan of Sam Harris, so I figured, since he gifted me a freeContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #5”

#287: The Resident 12 Year Old Writes a Bunch of Easter Egg Notes for His Dad

(a found poem, with minor edits) Out of all the people I could think to be my dad, you fall into that category easily. Thank you for making me grilled cheese sandwiches so I don’t die. All around people love you (the person in front of you, your lodge buddies, your workspace friends, etc.); youContinue reading “#287: The Resident 12 Year Old Writes a Bunch of Easter Egg Notes for His Dad”

In Memoriam: Papa Glen

Just to make sure readers don’t jump to conclusions upon reading two memorial essays side-by-side: no, my parents did not die within a week of each other, but seven years apart. I decided it would be appropriate and right to include this memorial essay for my father as a companion piece to the one IContinue reading “In Memoriam: Papa Glen”

In Memoriam: Mama Shirley

A Eulogy for Shirley Elaine Jarmer, Delivered Saturday, June 10, 2017 at St. John the Baptist’s Catholic Church: Friends, Jarmers, and Kidds. On behalf of our family, I thank you all for being here today. But we need to stop meeting like this. Once again, I have the great honor and responsibility of sharing with youContinue reading “In Memoriam: Mama Shirley”

#224: Early Summer Loss

On this hot June evening, my son and I listen to new music in the cool basement, staying up late, having a pretty darn good time. Before bed, though, one more chore: fold and put away the laundry in a pile on the bed upstairs. O horrors, as I’m folding I see these little curled upContinue reading “#224: Early Summer Loss”

#182: Child’s Play

My boy has taken to video recording his game play and adding commentary over the top.  He’s seen this on you tube.  Some of his heroes are dudes who video- tape themselves playing video games, who have become celebrities of sorts; thousands of viewers can’t get enough of dudes playing video games filming them- selves playing video games.Continue reading “#182: Child’s Play”

#171: Penultimate Poem for April: A Review of Last Night’s Tantrum

Last night’s temper tantrum was a resounding success. Let us consider the salient features of the tantrum and see to what heights of glory were reached by last night’s specimen. Usually, a tantrum begins with some struggle right before bedtime, typically involving the cessation of play and the transition upstairs. This was most clearly evident. Ad electronics. ThereContinue reading “#171: Penultimate Poem for April: A Review of Last Night’s Tantrum”

#153: My Son Loves Cows

My Son Loves Cows He used to love hamburgers, but now he loves cows and is experiencing his first serious moral dilemma in his 9 years on Earth. The last time we fired up the grill he wept through the whole meal. You don’t have to eat it, son; on this occasion we WILL makeContinue reading “#153: My Son Loves Cows”

#143: The Silent Note-Writing Game

The Silent Note-Writing Game I don’t know how we landed on the idea. Perhaps chaos of the 9 year old variety inspired me to propose a game in which we must be silent and can only communicate through written notes to each other back and forth on a shared piece of paper or two. He loved it. And in the lastContinue reading “#143: The Silent Note-Writing Game”