#369: Some Kind of Hymn

(after James Schuyler and for Cresslyn Clay) Moss grows on the roofs of the garage and the woodshed and the weather is shitty, again. This April, it’s unseasonably warm and dry with spells that go on for days of rain and clouds, gray spells. We’re in the middle of one of those. We sit atContinue reading “#369: Some Kind of Hymn”

#368: It’s Friday

It’s Friday at the end of the second weirdest teaching week in history and I’m not going to write a poem about a piece of fruit. In my resistance to writing about fruit, in addition to a number of diversions today, I almost neglected to write a poem at all. My impulse today was toContinue reading “#368: It’s Friday”

#346: I Drove Through the Desert and Back Over a Mountain to Get Home

I drove for three hours, through the desert and back over a mountain, to get home. Listening to XTC the whole way, I felt every twenty minutes or so tears of gratitude welling up, which I staved off, because I was driving at sixty-five miles per hour and singing along to every single song, neitherContinue reading “#346: I Drove Through the Desert and Back Over a Mountain to Get Home”

#343: The Steampunks of Spring

The Steampunks of Spring Two octopuses sit on the window sill sporting their top hats and flight goggles, little works of art made mostly from recycled odds and ends, scrap leather, gears, watch parts, wheels, lucite grapes, steel wire, old jewelry, junk. Behind them, through the glass, Spring arrives. The oaks are alive with squawking crows andContinue reading “#343: The Steampunks of Spring”

#342: G is for Gully-Whumper

You’re going to hear a real gully-whumper right about now. If you weren’t such a gulpin you’d have a chance of seeing right through the gum. In my life, I have never heard such gummation. Go ahead and pour yourself some guinea red, loosen yourself before the gumball machine comes down the gravel drive. Don’t give meContinue reading “#342: G is for Gully-Whumper”

#341: This Animal, This Dog.

Say the word animal. Look at this dog. It doesn’t seem right somehow. The word animal simultaneously not sufficient and too much. This creature seems to rise above the distinction, as you talk to it and feel for it, pick up after it and play with it as if it were a human child. AndContinue reading “#341: This Animal, This Dog.”

#340: Skylarking

It’s 1986, the winter after our wedding and we’re living in a shack. Seriously, I’m not a tall guy and I can stand in the living room and place my hands flat on the ceiling. It’s the holiday season and I’ve just bought XTC’s “Skylarking,” which I listen to from start to finish over andContinue reading “#340: Skylarking”

#339: A Poem for Easter

Jesus and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar. Sugar ants invade the bathroom, are crawling all over the toothpaste tube and toothbrushes. They are not, necessarily, on friendly terms; it goes almost without saying. The bunny goes in for Steam Punk art, likes Jesus and the Mary Chain, which the Son of God finds amusing,Continue reading “#339: A Poem for Easter”

#338: A Wannabe Nerd

He says, Do you remember that song by M.? That was 1979, I say, and I was fifteen. Talk about, he said, pop music. That’s the only thing I remember. Yeah, the only other thing I can remember is shooby dooby doo wop. It was a kind of, I say, spoken word thing, a nonsensicalContinue reading “#338: A Wannabe Nerd”

#337: A Living Legend on Two Continents

  Coincidentally, I have already written a poem this month that follows today’s suggestion from the napowrimo website, to write an abecedarian, a poem that uses the alphabet as  some key feature of its form. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a linky-link. It turned out nicely, I think. Since my intern Max isContinue reading “#337: A Living Legend on Two Continents”