Journal of the Plague Year: #19

The United States is dealing with two plagues simultaneously: the plague of the coronavirus pandemic and the plague of racism. It’s pretty clear to most white folks how they can protect themselves against COVID-19: social distance, wash your damn hands, don’t touch your face, wear a mask, stay home if you’re feeling sick, get testedContinue reading “Journal of the Plague Year: #19”

A Journal of the Plague Year: #18

It’s been almost two full months since my last entry in A Journal of the Plague Year, although, as part of National Poetry Writing Month I wrote 30 poems, many of which were, by their nature and subject matter, a continuation of the journal in another form. During the month of May I took aContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #18”

A Journal of the Plague Year: #15

Famous people are sick and dying. Yesterday we learned of the passing of Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne. I love that band. He was 52 years old. That makes me sad and anxious. So, among the new coronavirus developments is this understanding that you don’t have to be old to be especially vulnerable. TheContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #15”

On Social Networks, Redux: Is Real Dialogue Possible?

This is a follow-up from an entry I made in 2012, before Trump’s presidency, before fake news, before Russian interference in our democracy, before doctored videos that made Nancy Pelosi seem like a drunk, from a time when, nevertheless, half way into Obama’s two-term presidency, a vicious kind of divide was taking place, exacerbated byContinue reading “On Social Networks, Redux: Is Real Dialogue Possible?”

#343: Dudes, Step Aside. Let Women Steer This Ship. It’s Their Turn.

When I think about the most effective principals I have ever known: women. When I think about my most effective, most respected colleagues: women. When I think about my most influential mentors, college professors, coaches, teachers, and facilitators: mostly women. So, I’m thinking, when it comes to the 2020 elections: dudes, step aside. You’ve hadContinue reading “#343: Dudes, Step Aside. Let Women Steer This Ship. It’s Their Turn.”

Diary of an English Teacher in His Penultimate Year, Redux: When is a Frog Just a Frog?

So the school year, thus far, is cooking right along. I like my 9th graders. And that’s no little thing to say. For the most part, they are positive, respectful, willing, and mostly ready for prime time. There are some exceptions, of course, as always, and, of the three groups of 9th graders in myContinue reading “Diary of an English Teacher in His Penultimate Year, Redux: When is a Frog Just a Frog?”

Mindfulness in 2017: A Reflection

Here’s the new year’s resolution I made two years ago for 2016: I resolve in 2016 to be more mindful, to find opportunities daily for meditation practice, and to seek out a community, some companionship on the journey. This resolution was a resounding success. I found myself a community that still meets two years laterContinue reading “Mindfulness in 2017: A Reflection”

#241: Stones

What I thought was Donald Trump turned out to be kidney stones. I did the research, and among the listed causes for stones, Trump was nowhere to be found. Stress, however, can indirectly lead to poor health choices that might lead to stones. I admit, I am stressed, have spent more time worrying about the fateContinue reading “#241: Stones”

#24o: Afterinaugurationmath

The day after my media fast, I binged on media, mostly on pictures and stories of women, women holding signs saying things like, You can’t have my rights, I’m using them; This is my resisting bitch face; So bad, even introverts are here; I came here to knit sweaters and punch nazis and I’m all out ofContinue reading “#24o: Afterinaugurationmath”

#239: 24 Hours, No Facebook, No News Redux (Inauguration Day, 2017)

It’s inauguration day and I have once again sworn off Facebook and any internet news or television media for 24 hours. All I know is that my son watched the thing in his 5th grade classroom today and he said some kids and his teacher were crying. He and a friend, he said, were angry and felt thatContinue reading “#239: 24 Hours, No Facebook, No News Redux (Inauguration Day, 2017)”