#333: Persona Non Grata

I sit here in your classroom and I am barely alive. I cannot keep awake. I fall off every few seconds and just hope no one notices. Mostly, no one notices. I could probably put my head down on my desk and drift away. Some teachers might gently coax me awake, others might startle meContinue reading “#333: Persona Non Grata”

Diary of an English Teacher in His Penultimate Year: December 4, 2017

It’s a Monday and it’s my birthday. None of my students knew and I didn’t bother to tell them. It was a rough day. Last night, I stayed up too late. This morning, and all day really, I was suffering as a result. My cold’s getting better, I think, or, at least, no worse. ButContinue reading “Diary of an English Teacher in His Penultimate Year: December 4, 2017”

#37: On Failure

I wrote these short little pieces from various failure perspectives.  There’s such an intriguing and wide variety of ways to fail.  Maybe we gain a little bit of insight by reaching into these mindsets–even for a moment–provided we’re not cynical or simply poking fun.  There’s nothing funny about it.  Each represents an underlying problem thatContinue reading “#37: On Failure”

Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better

The following is the prologue for a work in progress about—you guessed it—teaching. It may become a real book some day, I hope, or, at the very least, a series of related blog entries. Prologue Imagine, it’s August, and I am in the last few days, minutes, and moments of what we call in theContinue reading “Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better”