The Book I Read: Frankenstein Forever

Hey there! Welcome back to the Book I Read with Michael Jarmer Writer Guy—that’s still me—a podcast/blog series where I talk about books and reading, writing, listening, teaching and learning. It’s September, the leaves are coming down, the nights are getting cool, and the Halloween holiday is fast approaching—Thanksgiving and Christmas too, apparently, by theContinue reading “The Book I Read: Frankenstein Forever”

The Book I Read: Time Is Not On Your Side

Books discussed in this blog entry and its accompanying podcast: Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, by Oliver Burkeman, Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, and Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway by Robin Black. What follows is the text of the podcast–with the omission of the short reading fromContinue reading “The Book I Read: Time Is Not On Your Side”

The Book I Read: Michael Jarmer Writer Guy Returns for Season 2!

Jesus, take the wheel! I confess: it’s been eight months since my last podcast. I also confess it has been difficult if not impossible since the turn of the new year to commit time and energy toward The Book I Read, eight episodes in before it was essentially frozen in its tracks. I offer thisContinue reading “The Book I Read: Michael Jarmer Writer Guy Returns for Season 2!”

A Reflection on 36 Years of Marriage

Note: I wrote this little essay today over about three or four hours. It could probably use some revision, and later on I bet dollars to donuts I will think of other things to say. But I wanted to publish it today, as today is my 36th wedding anniversary. Here it is, in its currentContinue reading “A Reflection on 36 Years of Marriage”

Who’s Counting? One Last One More

One for the road. Last tango. One tin soldier. Last one out. One trick pony. This final one is especially fun because the word “one” can be an adjective to describe how many tricks the pony can do. This pony can only do one trick. Or, the word “trick” can be an adjective to describeContinue reading “Who’s Counting? One Last One More”

Who’s Counting? Another One

Once more with feeling. Do that to me one more time. Once over. Once bitten. Last time around. Last dance. That Morrissey lyric: “This is the last song I will ever sing. No, I’ve changed my mind again. Goodnight, and thank you.” I’m not changing my mind. It’s too late for that noise. Babe, I’mContinue reading “Who’s Counting? Another One”

Who’s Counting? One

June 18, 2022 Looking out for number one. It takes one to know one. One loves one’s BBC. A Room of One’s Own. One step at a time. One giant step. One step ahead. All in one breath. If it’s not one thing it’s another one thing. One thing leads to another. It’s all one,Continue reading “Who’s Counting? One”

Who’s Counting? Two

Courtesy of The Fact Site, the number 2 is the first prime number, and it’s either the third or fourth number in the Fibonacci sequence–and that’s significant because math is beautiful and everywhere. Courtesy of Three Dog Night, “2 can be as bad as 1; it’s the loneliest number since the number 1,” followed byContinue reading “Who’s Counting? Two”

Who’s Counting? Three

One is the loneliest number–so say Three Dog Night. However, three (the pop rock trio must have known), is a magical number. It’s lucky. Good things come in threes. Three Dog Night. Rush. The Police. Three times the charm. Three bears. The father, son, and the holy ghost. Mind, body, spirit. Three is time-tied: beginning,Continue reading “Who’s Counting? Three”

Who’s Counting? Four

Four Cardinal directions. Four gospels. Four horsemen. Four Beatles. Four Monkees. Four seasons. Four beats in a bar of 4/4. Four more days in the school year. Three days with students and a single work day for teachers, culminating awkwardly on a Tuesday. Four days until I count myself officially a “retiree.” First up onContinue reading “Who’s Counting? Four”