Notes Toward A Musical Autobiography: Volume III, Letter B

I’m betting you gave up on me.  I almost gave up on myself.  What with a trip to Disneyland scheduled for spring break, National Poetry Writing Month, and some illness in the family, it looked hopeless that I would ever get through the project of listening to at least one CD from every musical artistContinue reading “Notes Toward A Musical Autobiography: Volume III, Letter B”

#175: Arts and Crafts

We’re studying Romeo and Juliet and even though kids are, for the most part, up on their feet with scripts instead of sitting at their desks reading out loud, it’s a herculean struggle for them to read with any accuracy, enthusiasm, or understanding, and the kid who insists on playing Benvolio every single time alsoContinue reading “#175: Arts and Crafts”

#174: Mowing

I have a love/hate relationship with mowing the lawn. It’s Spring and the lawn must be mowed. I mean, it doesn’t, really. We could totally let the lawn go to hell if we wanted. There’s the rub. We do not want the lawn to go to hell. It looks good when it’s been cut andContinue reading “#174: Mowing”

#173: On Not Writing a Poem

I don’t have to write a poem today. And you know, I don’t think I will. I will not write a poem. I wrote 30 poems in a row, a poem a day for 30 days, so today I’m just taking a break, doing other things, reading the stupid news, drinking coffee, making a comment hereContinue reading “#173: On Not Writing a Poem”