#130: Farewell, For Now

I asked my students what I should write my last poem of the month about and one kid suggested I go all meta.  Write a poem about writing a poem about writing poems, he said.  It was a pretty good idea.  But instead, I took the prompt from the last prompt of the month from the NaPoWriMo website, not quite soContinue reading “#130: Farewell, For Now”

#129: Recipe for Disaster

Ocean of sky today, blue, clear, and a monkey siphoned all the gas from our car, gasoline fumes wafting, the drip, drip, drip evidence on concrete, crows soaring above the trees, I taste the toothpaste still from half an hour before, and rub an itch on my scalp, an itch that smells like gasoline. Rex Putnam, hereContinue reading “#129: Recipe for Disaster”

#128: John Oliver Slams My State

Today’s optional prompt from the Napowrimo curator is to write a poem entirely from the text of a newspaper article, manipulated any way one sees fit. Here’s this thing, courtesy of the Oregonian’s coverage of the debut episode of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” show. I guess any publicity is good publicity: John Oliver Slams My StateContinue reading “#128: John Oliver Slams My State”

#127: Giant Boy Scoops Up Unsuspecting Bikers Off The Beach

The Bikers were minding their own business, standing around their bonfire, working super hard to keep it going despite the occasional and violent rain, causing no harm, no disturbance, when a giant boy in red sweat pants and a black hoodie scooped them off the beach and tossed them into the ocean to a group of hungryContinue reading “#127: Giant Boy Scoops Up Unsuspecting Bikers Off The Beach”

#126: On Meeting Colin Meloy at the Beach

My friend and I walk down Laneda Avenue in Manzanita when his wife, also a friend of mine, calls the cell phone and says that Colin Meloy is inside the Cloud and Leaf signing books, and, like a teenager, I start running down the street. Having been earlier inside the bookstore, having thought about purchasingContinue reading “#126: On Meeting Colin Meloy at the Beach”

#125: This Is Not A Poem

This is not a poem, but a message. This is not a poem, but an explanation. This is not a poem, but a note to say that, this is not a poem, and that I have not eaten any plums, but rather, this is not a poem, and I will be off-line tomorrow, so thereContinue reading “#125: This Is Not A Poem”

#124: Bricks and Windows, Windows and Bricks

“The way they boxed us in here. Bricks and windows, windows and bricks.” –Willy Loman, Death of A Salesman, Arthur Miller   In my old neighborhood they tore down an abandoned psych hospital for new town homes. There was no big loss, the end of an era polluted by horrific scenes of suicidal escapees, children being committed againstContinue reading “#124: Bricks and Windows, Windows and Bricks”

#123: On Shakespeare’s Birthday

Harold Bloom said that Shakespeare invented the human. Bloom’s a blowhard pretty much but I think in this case he might be right. What writer in English before Shakespeare anticipated Freud and Jung, fleshed out all the archetypes, captured the various loves and hates and the myriad mental states and the thousand natural shocks that flesh isContinue reading “#123: On Shakespeare’s Birthday”

#122: To My Son

Dear son, whatever befalls you in life, whichever direction you choose to go, wherever you go to school and whatever you decide to study, whatever religion you choose to follow, even if you choose, wisely I might ad, to follow no religion whatsoever, to be a spiritual non-religious person, whatever instrument you tackle, even ifContinue reading “#122: To My Son”

#121: Poem (Johnny Depp’s New Movie is a Flop)

What follows is a strange little thing called a New York School poem, of which type, while I didn’t know its name until today, I have seen from time to time in my travels as a poetry reader.  Apparently, there’s even a recipe for such an animal! I used some of the items from this particularContinue reading “#121: Poem (Johnny Depp’s New Movie is a Flop)”