Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: All Good Things. . .

Our time together had come to a close and I was alone in the dorm where we stayed at Macalester College for the annual Warren Wilson MFA Alumni Conference. It was strange, that quiet, after all that activity, after all that brilliant conversation, after the nightly readings and daily classes, the meals together three timesContinue reading “Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: All Good Things. . .”

Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: Countdown T-Minus a Day and Some Change

I’ve got plane tickets, I’ve got plane snacks, I’ve got a new Moleskine notebook, I’ve got the new album by GLASYS, I’ve printed and practiced my reading, I’ve chosen some poems for morning meditation, I’ve packed my copies of Monster Talk, I got a tooth crowned, I got my hair cut, I got a copyContinue reading “Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: Countdown T-Minus a Day and Some Change”

T@B Diaries #4: Steens Mountain 

In my second year of camping inside the t@b, I returned yesterday from my most ambitious solo trip to date. The following images provide evidence of these new experiences: With my brother Dave and his friend Dave (that’s not a joke) in another car, and towing the t@b behind the new Honda Ridgeline, I droveContinue reading “T@B Diaries #4: Steens Mountain “

Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: A Few Goodbyes, Reading with a Friend, Writing Some More, Going Home

I’m sitting in the airport in a beat up arm chair looking out over the tarmac through these gigantic windows. I’ve got three hours to kill because the ride from Mt. Holyoke dropped me off early. It’s an ugly, long flight clear across the country, from Hartford, Connecticut to Chicago and then home to Portland.Continue reading “Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: A Few Goodbyes, Reading with a Friend, Writing Some More, Going Home”

#269: A Letter of Gratitude to My Wife and Son (another prose poem)

Dear family, I am about to begin my journey home. Almost everything is put away and the trailer is hitched up (I never did unhitch); all I have to do now is climb in and start up the engine. It was a good trip. Even though I was with my brother and his friends, I spentContinue reading “#269: A Letter of Gratitude to My Wife and Son (another prose poem)”

#268: The Middle Way (a prose poem)

Somewhere between asceticism and an orgy of consumerism and excess lies the middle way. I must confess I have not found it yet. I tend to waffle in my struggle to find the center. Against my better judgment I tend to err toward excess. Here I am camping in comparative luxury with my new trailerContinue reading “#268: The Middle Way (a prose poem)”

T@B Diaries #3: Barton Park

The t@b trailer’s fourth voyage, third diary entry, and second father, son, and dog camping trip, this time to Barton Park on the Clackamas river . . . during which frogs from a nearby pond sound off all night a noise not unlike the Australian didgeridoo, several of them, all resonating in different pitches; during which MichaelContinue reading “T@B Diaries #3: Barton Park”

T@B Diaries #2: Stubb Stewart St. Park

in which Michael almost gives up on the trip before calling neighbor Dave to help him hitch up the trailer to the stupid van in which Michael and his son Emerson and their new dog Tana embark on the first father-son-dog trip with the T@B in which it snows and rains a lot, but still opportunitiesContinue reading “T@B Diaries #2: Stubb Stewart St. Park”

T@B Diaries #1: Champoeg St. Park

in which Michael Jarmer begins a new blog series; in which Michael Jarmer provides a brief history of his life as a camper; in which his somewhat checkered RV history is revealed; in which an experience camping solo at Champoeg State Park is described; in which funny and archaic subtitles are used to arouse readerContinue reading “T@B Diaries #1: Champoeg St. Park”