#44: Sure, I Will Marry You

Sure, I Will Marry You Sure, I’ll marry you, if you’d like. That’s what I told a student of mine who sent me this message out of the blue fifteen years or better after he’d been in my classroom reading some Shakespeare, saying he had asked his girlfriend, who was also a student of mineContinue reading “#44: Sure, I Will Marry You”

#43: The Summertime Blues Is A Real Thing

The Summer Time Blues Is A Real Thing I’m here to tell you that the Summertime Blues is a real thing. And I’m not talking about the silly song about the kid who couldn’t work late or can’t use the damn car and is too young to vote, no, I’m talking about the summertime blues thatContinue reading “#43: The Summertime Blues Is A Real Thing”

#42: The Father’s Day Poem

The Father’s Day Poem My son hid little homemade Father’s Day cards around the house for me to find, hid them several times over so I could find them again. One of them said, “You are a star of men.” Flattering will get you nowhere, son, I said, but he and I both know that mostContinue reading “#42: The Father’s Day Poem”

#41: On the Very Last Work Day of the School Year

On the Very Last Work Day of the School Year It began with a breakfast during which we said tearful goodbyes to beloved colleagues retiring or moving on, a difficult, but joyful thing, wanting them to stay but wishing them well and happy returns for all they’ve done for our school and our kids. WeContinue reading “#41: On the Very Last Work Day of the School Year”

#40: Gertrude and Alice Learning Targets (a book spine poem)

This was a happy accident.  These books were pretty much in this order on my desktop, so, inspired by a recent book spine photo I saw in The Mighty Social Network, I decided to “craft” my first book spine poem.  And I love the idea that the company suggested by the following titles would haveContinue reading “#40: Gertrude and Alice Learning Targets (a book spine poem)”

#39: On the End of the School Year

On the End of the School Year It’s always a cluster, unnatural and awkward in every way, but mostly for teachers, or maybe just for teachers like yourself, English teachers with too many students, too much grading, not enough time to get it done, or, at least, to do it well, speeding through, losing sleep,Continue reading “#39: On the End of the School Year”