#24o: Afterinaugurationmath

The day after my media fast, I binged on media, mostly on pictures and stories of women, women holding signs saying things like, You can’t have my rights, I’m using them; This is my resisting bitch face; So bad, even introverts are here; I came here to knit sweaters and punch nazis and I’m all out ofContinue reading “#24o: Afterinaugurationmath”

#239: 24 Hours, No Facebook, No News Redux (Inauguration Day, 2017)

It’s inauguration day and I have once again sworn off Facebook and any internet news or television media for 24 hours. All I know is that my son watched the thing in his 5th grade classroom today and he said some kids and his teacher were crying. He and a friend, he said, were angry and felt thatContinue reading “#239: 24 Hours, No Facebook, No News Redux (Inauguration Day, 2017)”