April’s Greatest Hits: Audio Poems

So it was that during all of April I wrote poems, 32 of them to be precise, in celebration of National Poetry Writing Month. And they all, or most of them, turned out to be about this guy, or at least inspired by this guy, the Bard from Stratford Upon Avon, because, as you mayContinue reading “April’s Greatest Hits: Audio Poems”

#214: Lord Capulet Interrogates Michael Jarmer in a Closing Night Sonnet

First things first: Happy birthday, Bill! It’s been a super rough year. The loss of Bowie, Rickman et. al., and just days ago now, the devastating loss of Prince, makes one super conscious of the fragility of life, especially when our heroes fall, heroes who seemed to us untouchable and timeless, almost god-like. But now, involvedContinue reading “#214: Lord Capulet Interrogates Michael Jarmer in a Closing Night Sonnet”

#209: 35 Years Later, The Actor Playing Capulet Remembers Auditioning for Romeo

I was 16 when I auditioned for Romeo. I got Mercutio instead and I was happy about that because that guy has the best death scene in all of literature. But in preparation for my Romeo audition I carved out a space in my brain for Romeo’s balcony soliloquy and I still know it to this day, 35Continue reading “#209: 35 Years Later, The Actor Playing Capulet Remembers Auditioning for Romeo”

#208: Lord Capulet Cleans Out His Chakra House

Down there in the red Root the ground is slipping. That navel orange Sacral space is pretty much on fire and my Solar Plexis spins like a drunken dervish on a yellow sun. All the Heart Stuff bubbles and boils dangerously toward destruction, comes up green in my throat and I find myself shouting all the time. Finally,Continue reading “#208: Lord Capulet Cleans Out His Chakra House”

#206: The Actor Attempts to Meditate in the House During Fight Call

and is successful in his way. The swords clash and clang and the combatants exclaim their shouts of excruciating pain and the crowds riot in the streets. The actor meditating in the house allows the clamour to disguise itself as a kind of tumultuous silence. The bell chimes inaudibly underneath his theater seat just in timeContinue reading “#206: The Actor Attempts to Meditate in the House During Fight Call”

#205: Lord Capulet Takes an Almanac Questionnaire

The optional assignment from the napowrimo website: Today, I challenge you to fill out, in no more than five minutes, the following “Almanac Questionnaire,” which solicits concrete details about a specific place (real or imagined). Then write a poem incorporating or based on one or more of your answers. It took me longer than fiveContinue reading “#205: Lord Capulet Takes an Almanac Questionnaire”

#204: During Act Two, Capulet Writes A Poem

I know what’s coming. It’s happened before, as if in a loop, in exactly the same way each time and it never ends well. But I’m always surprised: the shouting in the streets, the alarm, the subsequent chaos, my wife charging into the fray screaming bloody murder over the death of nephew Tybalt. And I’mContinue reading “#204: During Act Two, Capulet Writes A Poem”

#203: Capulet Speaks of His Daughter’s Grief

Today’s assignment from napowrimo is to write a thing called a san san (three three in Chinese), a form that incorporates a particular rhyme scheme pattern coupled with the repetition of three images three times throughout the eight line poem. That’s a mouthful. It was difficult. In fact, I failed somewhat with the form. My poemContinue reading “#203: Capulet Speaks of His Daughter’s Grief”

#201: ABC Shakespeare

This may be obvious to anyone paying attention, but I have of late had Shakespeare on the brain. It’s a pattern with me, I think. The last time I took on a role in a Shakespeare play the same thing happened: my entire creative output became infused by the bard. Trying to write songs inContinue reading “#201: ABC Shakespeare”

#197: Lord Capulet Speaks of the Unspeakable

Note: Here’s a persona poem in which the speaker is aware of his author/creator and for which the writer/actor slaved all day to make the damn thing rhyme and then asked one of his fellow actors to take a picture of him as Lord Capulet. Also, this poem responds to the napowrimo optional prompt in a kindContinue reading “#197: Lord Capulet Speaks of the Unspeakable”