#51: Benefit Car Crash

I misread the advertisement for a benefit car wash as a benefit car crash, honestly enough, my eye glancing quickly over the headline, eliminating the ‘a’ in car and the ‘w’ in wash, the brain filling in some redundancy so that sense could be made–because no one would advertise a benefit crash without specifying theContinue reading “#51: Benefit Car Crash”

#50: On Trying Again To Read Moby Dick (Again)

I’m not reading again, but instead, trying again to read for the first time, the problem being, as I’ve said before, not one of starting but of finishing, which, I fear is, but hope is not, a general pattern in my life. Call me Ishmael. What a great first line. I read it twenty timesContinue reading “#50: On Trying Again To Read Moby Dick (Again)”

#49: On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary

On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary Earlier today we looked at each other and kind of shrugged. What do you want to do? I don’t know. How about you? Should we get a sitter and go out or should we do a special thing as a family? Let’s do the special thing asContinue reading “#49: On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary”

#48: Learning to Ride

Learning to Ride He’s seven, reluctant to ride independently, most of his classmates far ahead on two wheels, which has not been a problem for him, so he says. No, I’m scared, he has said. ┬áNo, I like the scooter better, he has said. I will never ride a bike, he has said. ┬áNever, heContinue reading “#48: Learning to Ride”

#47: Letting the Lawn Brown Out

Letting the Lawn Brown Out Otherwise, it would cost a small fortune for all the water it would take to keep it green, and who’s to say that somehow green is prettier than brown? It’s softer, yeah, sure, but I’m not a barefoot kind of guy so I’m always wearing shoes and I’d never knowContinue reading “#47: Letting the Lawn Brown Out”

#46: Call Me Reverend

Call Me Reverend Call me reverend, call me padre or father, man of the cloth, pastor, minister, oh wise one, leader of men, shepherd, or guy who became an ordained minister on-line in less than five real live human minutes. Call me the guy who has credentials to marry and bury and a parking permitContinue reading “#46: Call Me Reverend”

In Celebration of My 100th Blog Post

It’s a milestone, don’t you think? It seems so to me. This blog post right here, the one I hope you are currently reading, is the 100th blog entry by Michael Jarmer. It took me two plus years to get here. So help me do the math. What is it? 50 posts a year? That’sContinue reading “In Celebration of My 100th Blog Post”

#45: The Seven Year Old Understands Adult Psychology (Whispering Across the Table)

The Seven Year Old Understands Adult Psychology (Whispering Across the Table) So the boy and his mother are bickering, you know, the usual stuff, it’s time for dinner and someone won’t put away the iPad. There are repeated requests, some back talk, further struggling, the ubiquitous countdown, and then the final capitulation with an accompanimentContinue reading “#45: The Seven Year Old Understands Adult Psychology (Whispering Across the Table)”