#133: Stupid Desire

It makes me angry: I can’t stop thinking about things I want. I want a new roof, new gutters, and the house painted. I want to remodel the basement. I want to refurbish the garage and replace the kitchen cabinetry. I want outdoor furniture for the back yard. I want an Airstream, again. And becauseContinue reading “#133: Stupid Desire”

#132: Someone’s Looking At You

You know this now, don’t you? That nothing is private. That everything you say can be seen and everything you’re interested in is now somebody else’s business and part of the permanent and public record of your life and can and likely will be used against you. A whole industry depends on the fact thatContinue reading “#132: Someone’s Looking At You”

#131: My Most Popular Post

I posted on my blog a speech I gave at my 30th high school reunion, and I wonder why so many people are reading this thing–way more than the number who would have attended this event and even way more than the number of people in my graduating class. I’m at a loss. Maybe it’s just aContinue reading “#131: My Most Popular Post”