#418: Zygote, 17 Years Later, Goes to Rock Show with His Dad–a Sonnet on April 13, 2022

It’s no longer accurate to call him a zygote,because he is, after all, a 16 year old boy, but “Zygote, 17 Years Later, Goes to RockShow with His Dad,” I thought, was a funny title for a poem. For all intents and purposes, and oddly, given that the parents who broughthim into the world areContinue reading “#418: Zygote, 17 Years Later, Goes to Rock Show with His Dad–a Sonnet on April 13, 2022”

#364: In Case of Emergency

(for Trisha Wick) Twenty-four years ago I wrote a poem, a sonnet, about the flood of ’96. It described the six feet of river water in my wife’s parent’s basement, that whole devastation, and the kids and families in the neighborhood who came to help restore and repair the house, the home, and hope. AContinue reading “#364: In Case of Emergency”

#342: G is for Gully-Whumper

You’re going to hear a real gully-whumper right about now. If you weren’t such a gulpin you’d have a chance of seeing right through the gum. In my life, I have never heard such gummation. Go ahead and pour yourself some guinea red, loosen yourself before the gumball machine comes down the gravel drive. Don’t give meContinue reading “#342: G is for Gully-Whumper”

#338: A Wannabe Nerd

He says, Do you remember that song by M.? That was 1979, I say, and I was fifteen. Talk about, he said, pop music. That’s the only thing I remember. Yeah, the only other thing I can remember is shooby dooby doo wop. It was a kind of, I say, spoken word thing, a nonsensicalContinue reading “#338: A Wannabe Nerd”

#214: Lord Capulet Interrogates Michael Jarmer in a Closing Night Sonnet

First things first: Happy birthday, Bill! It’s been a super rough year. The loss of Bowie, Rickman et. al., and just days ago now, the devastating loss of Prince, makes one super conscious of the fragility of life, especially when our heroes fall, heroes who seemed to us untouchable and timeless, almost god-like. But now, involvedContinue reading “#214: Lord Capulet Interrogates Michael Jarmer in a Closing Night Sonnet”

#114: Seven Questions and a Statement (A Sonnet)

The suggestion for today was to write a poem consisting of nothing but questions–until the very last line, a statement.  It’s a reversal of an assignment I remember from  last year which resulted for me in a poem called “Six Statements and a Question.”  This year, I’ve added a little edge to the task: in honorContinue reading “#114: Seven Questions and a Statement (A Sonnet)”