April’s Greatest Hits: Audio Poems

So it was that during all of April I wrote poems, 32 of them to be precise, in celebration of National Poetry Writing Month. And they all, or most of them, turned out to be about this guy, or at least inspired by this guy, the Bard from Stratford Upon Avon, because, as you mayContinue reading “April’s Greatest Hits: Audio Poems”

#211: Ode To Juliet’s Nurse

Juliet’s age-knowing, wormwood on dug-leaving, dirty-joke telling, thou wilt fall backward, when thou comest to age, wilt thou not, Jule-talking, fan-waving, fan’s the fairer face-waving, Mercrutio, scurvy-knaving, saucy merchant-screaming, I’ll take him down-threatening, match-making, Juliet-teasing, oh, my aching bones-complaining, where is your mother-asking, wedding-arranging, Romeo and Juliet co-conspiring, Romeo shaming, on Friar Lawrence-crushing, he’s dead,Continue reading “#211: Ode To Juliet’s Nurse”