#203: Capulet Speaks of His Daughter’s Grief


Today’s assignment from napowrimo is to write a thing called a san san (three three in Chinese), a form that incorporates a particular rhyme scheme pattern coupled with the repetition of three images three times throughout the eight line poem. That’s a mouthful. It was difficult. In fact, I failed somewhat with the form. My poem is 9 lines long and I’m not changing it. I like this better, actually, because it seems more appropriate: 3 images 3 times in 3 sets of 3 lines. Maybe my poem should be identified as a san san san san. Again, I borrowed from Shakespeare and specifically from Capulet’s speech about his daughter’s prolonged grieving for the death, as he sees it, of Tybalt.

Capulet Speaks of His Daughter’s Grief

When the sun sets, I see the drizzled
dew envelope the grass like a blanket
over the sleeping earth; it’s spring.
I’m feeling, truly, a bit grizzled;
grief weighs her down, my daughter Juliet,
like a blanket, the sun having set on my brother’s king,
his beloved son. Grass grows on graves,
leaves of grass, and as sun is still setting,
the dark blankets all; my mind it depraves.



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I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

One thought on “#203: Capulet Speaks of His Daughter’s Grief

  1. Very nice! (If I don’t respond some days, it’s not necessarily because I don’t like something but that I didn’t have time to read it). This one I particularly like because of the form it uses. I’m going to try it. Thanks.

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