The Book I Read: The Trouble With Men, Indeed

In this fourth month of 2019 I am making good on two of my new year’s resolutions, one, to write more, and two, to read more. I begin this endeavor by writing a poem every day for a month, while simultaneously writing more about what I’m reading more. Let’s start with this. For me, thereContinue reading “The Book I Read: The Trouble With Men, Indeed”

#57: This Is Happening

This Is Happening: Today, in my first official act as reverend, I will officiate the wedding of two former students of mine. I have written some words for, rehearsed and supped with these two bright stars from some deep place earlier in my career some 15 years back.  And I wonder at this turn ofContinue reading “#57: This Is Happening”

#49: On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary

On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary Earlier today we looked at each other and kind of shrugged. What do you want to do? I don’t know. How about you? Should we get a sitter and go out or should we do a special thing as a family? Let’s do the special thing asContinue reading “#49: On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary”

#44: Sure, I Will Marry You

Sure, I Will Marry You Sure, I’ll marry you, if you’d like. That’s what I told a student of mine who sent me this message out of the blue fifteen years or better after he’d been in my classroom reading some Shakespeare, saying he had asked his girlfriend, who was also a student of mineContinue reading “#44: Sure, I Will Marry You”