T@B Diaries #1: Champoeg St. Park

in which Michael Jarmer begins a new blog series; in which Michael Jarmer provides a brief history of his life as a camper; in which his somewhat checkered RV history is revealed; in which an experience camping solo at Champoeg State Park is described; in which funny and archaic subtitles are used to arouse readerContinue reading “T@B Diaries #1: Champoeg St. Park”

#186: On Writing Retreat

On Writing Retreat, December 5, 2015, L. L. Stub Stewart State Park, Buxton, Oregon It’s raining so hard here, it would be unthinkable to go outside for a walk. So I am stuck in this cabin without internet access and there’s only a few things to do: listen to music, meditate, read, eat, or, theContinue reading “#186: On Writing Retreat”

A Single Dispatch from Writer’s Camp 2015

It’s quiet on campus.  Everyone has gone home.  It’s just me and Mark, the dorm all to ourselves.  He’s here still because he can’t travel on the Sabbath.  I’m here to simply take a few deep breaths, to take advantage of some solitude before heading home. I went down to the cafeteria tonight for dinner,Continue reading “A Single Dispatch from Writer’s Camp 2015”