The Going-Back-To-Work Blues Is A Real Thing

20 blog entries later, and the summer break comes to a close. Teachers report back to their schools in my district on Monday. Time to take stock. Time to look ahead. It’s been a strong summer. I blogged, I wrote fiction, became an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, agreed to marry a coupleContinue reading “The Going-Back-To-Work Blues Is A Real Thing”

#46: Call Me Reverend

Call Me Reverend Call me reverend, call me padre or father, man of the cloth, pastor, minister, oh wise one, leader of men, shepherd, or guy who became an ordained minister on-line in less than five real live human minutes. Call me the guy who has credentials to marry and bury and a parking permitContinue reading “#46: Call Me Reverend”

#44: Sure, I Will Marry You

Sure, I Will Marry You Sure, I’ll marry you, if you’d like. That’s what I told a student of mine who sent me this message out of the blue fifteen years or better after he’d been in my classroom reading some Shakespeare, saying he had asked his girlfriend, who was also a student of mineContinue reading “#44: Sure, I Will Marry You”