#67: The American Atheist Endorses The Pope

He reads that the Pope has nothing against him, in fact, sees him as an equal, every bit as deserving as the most devout religionist. He sees the Pope coming out for those who are coming out and for those who have been forever out of the closet. He sees him saying that market capitalismContinue reading “#67: The American Atheist Endorses The Pope”

#46: Call Me Reverend

Call Me Reverend Call me reverend, call me padre or father, man of the cloth, pastor, minister, oh wise one, leader of men, shepherd, or guy who became an ordained minister on-line in less than five real live human minutes. Call me the guy who has credentials to marry and bury and a parking permitContinue reading “#46: Call Me Reverend”

#44: Sure, I Will Marry You

Sure, I Will Marry You Sure, I’ll marry you, if you’d like. That’s what I told a student of mine who sent me this message out of the blue fifteen years or better after he’d been in my classroom reading some Shakespeare, saying he had asked his girlfriend, who was also a student of mineContinue reading “#44: Sure, I Will Marry You”

Of a Holy Secular Christmas

The only times I go into churches any more are for weddings and funerals, and, on rare occasions, when there’s no service, for a quiet space. I am not attending mass or any other church service on Christmas. And I guess, it needs to be said, and I’ll say it here publicly for perhaps theContinue reading “Of a Holy Secular Christmas”