#363: These Trees

These trees are about to explode. Every year I attempt to catch the moment and every year I miss it. This year, outside in the yard every day, time to kill, I look up to see what’s happening. They’re close to leafing, I can almost hear it. You can see, in some of them, little clusters of stuff beyond branches, not yet leaves, butContinue reading “#363: These Trees”

#258: Waiting for the Leaves

(after Mary Oliver) I’m sitting in the office space that adjoins my classroom while my student teacher is wrangling with a group of freshmen, and I am thinking about my oak trees. In this stark, small, white room, lit with florescent tube lights, desk littered with papers, student work to grade, a stack of booksContinue reading “#258: Waiting for the Leaves”

#163: Pastoral

I I’ve taught inside a classroom without windows for twenty-seven years. On the one hand, my work is done on the page and in the mind and with words moving through space between people in a room; through imagination and through language we bring the outside in. And yet, on the other hand, if IContinue reading “#163: Pastoral”

#49: On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary

On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary Earlier today we looked at each other and kind of shrugged. What do you want to do? I don’t know. How about you? Should we get a sitter and go out or should we do a special thing as a family? Let’s do the special thing asContinue reading “#49: On the Eve of Our 27th Wedding Anniversary”