#390: Poem on April 17, 2021

Poem on April 17 “Daddy always looked to the moon. He claimed it as his own.” I wrote those lyrics 20 years ago for a song we recorded,only loosely about my dadabout 10 years before he died. Those two lines, though, we’re an accurate portrayal;Not that my father reallybelieved the moon was his, but somewhereContinue reading “#390: Poem on April 17, 2021”

#48: Learning to Ride

Learning to Ride He’s seven, reluctant to ride independently, most of his classmates far ahead on two wheels, which has not been a problem for him, so he says. No, I’m scared, he has said.  No, I like the scooter better, he has said. I will never ride a bike, he has said.  Never, heContinue reading “#48: Learning to Ride”