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#47: Letting the Lawn Brown Out


Letting the Lawn Brown Out

Otherwise, it would cost a small fortune
for all the water it would take
to keep it green, and who’s to say that somehow
green is prettier than brown?
It’s softer, yeah, sure, but I’m not
a barefoot kind of guy so I’m always
wearing shoes and I’d never
know the difference.
And brown grass doesn’t grow
so I haven’t had to mow
the stuff all summer long.
I am getting used to the idea
that a brown lawn is just as attractive
as any other lawn color,
and that’s good, because I think
we’ll all have to get used to brown
lawns, eventually all year long
until everything just shrivels up and dies
while we sit around admiring the beauty
of the dried up grass, the withering trees,
the lovely gray, tan-tinted roses in the garden.

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#22: It’s Earth Day


It’s Earth Day

and I rode my bicycle to work,
but that’s a thing I do almost every day.
I allow myself a little smugness
for making more than the obligatory nod.
I can pat myself on the back for making
the decision to live in the neighborhood
in which I work, so a thing like bicycle
commuting is an easier commitment to make.

And yet,

my house is big,
I have grass to mow, and there’s lots of it,
so a push mower is out of the question.
There’s too much shade to garden,
and we’ve not been composting like we should.
We can’t figure out what to do with all the dog shit.
All the kid’s stuff is packaged in plastic
or made of plastic and will eventually end up in a landfill.
And what about all of these electronic gizmos,
televisions, stereo receivers, speakers, computers, radios,
old refrigerators, cheap-ass coffee makers, and the like?
I’m kind of ashamed of my cd collection.
Even the most conscientious of us collect this crap
and it’s no good for the Earth.

Recently, I’ve become afraid.
I don’t know what kind of world
we will leave our children
but I hope its a habitable one,
or better than habitable.
And I wonder: Do people have it in them
to transform their lives
and reverse the damage done,
make amends to the planet?
The Earth will likely survive us in any case;
but whether it continues to support the species,
–that is the million dollar question–
and whether or not we love our children
and our children’s children enough
to somehow get the thing right
before it’s too late.

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