#458: It’s been ten months since I stood in front . . .

I found, every April, as a NaPoWriMo participant, that it was impossible in those 30 days not to write about teaching. In any kind of forced creativity experience, by necessity one writes about whatever presents itself in experience and thought. When I was working, teaching occupied a huge portion of my brain–something on the orderContinue reading “#458: It’s been ten months since I stood in front . . .”

#432: Teaching Nightmares (a poem on April 25, 2022)

You would thinkthat after 33 yearsof classroom teaching,one would cease to have nightmaresabout teaching.You would be wrong to think that. Sometimes they comerandomly here and there, once or twice a year, and mostly they’re easyto shake off. But sometimesthey come, spawned, one imagines, by a real-lifeclassroom nightmarethat becomes obsessive, on which the educator-brain becomes stuck,asContinue reading “#432: Teaching Nightmares (a poem on April 25, 2022)”

#341: You Do What You Need To Do

You do what you need to do. If you want to hang a banner over an overpass, you go ahead and do that. If you want to stop by the union office and write a letter to your representative, you do that. If you need to go downtown to be inside of a crowd ofContinue reading “#341: You Do What You Need To Do”

#288: Classes I Could Teach

I’ve been a school teacher for a very long time but I never did get to teach the classes I think students really need. Here’s a short list of my best work, potentially, as an educator: Be Really Quiet 101 How Not to Be an Ass Favorite Words for Beginners Advanced Favorite Words Poems forContinue reading “#288: Classes I Could Teach”

#222: Why I Am Happy

Poet and teacher of mine from a long way back, Peter Sears, taught me about a thing called poetry by corruption, whereby you, the writer, take a poem that you like and just simply and with impunity steal things from it, or, steal it wholesale except for some words or phrases you’ve blanked out from theContinue reading “#222: Why I Am Happy”

#103: Third Time’s The Charm (A Self-Spell for Teacher)

Today, on this third day of National Poetry Month, we are encouraged, if we need encouragement (and tonight at 7:45 after a 12 hour work day I DO need the encouragement), to write a CHARM poem. All right. And just in case you thought me incapable of rhyme: A Self-Spell For Teacher After twenty-five yearsContinue reading “#103: Third Time’s The Charm (A Self-Spell for Teacher)”

#73: Unstuck In Time (Don’t Know Much About History)

The student reading a William Stafford poem mistakes the 1930’s for The Civil War in America—when, you know, there were electric elevators. The first impulse, if only inside of a thought bubble, is to make fun, but the second, more reflective response is a deep sadness. The kid is unstuck in time and unstuck inContinue reading “#73: Unstuck In Time (Don’t Know Much About History)”

#43: The Summertime Blues Is A Real Thing

The Summer Time Blues Is A Real Thing I’m here to tell you that the Summertime Blues is a real thing. And I’m not talking about the silly song about the kid who couldn’t work late or can’t use the damn car and is too young to vote, no, I’m talking about the summertime blues thatContinue reading “#43: The Summertime Blues Is A Real Thing”

#37: On Failure

I wrote these short little pieces from various failure perspectives.  There’s such an intriguing and wide variety of ways to fail.  Maybe we gain a little bit of insight by reaching into these mindsets–even for a moment–provided we’re not cynical or simply poking fun.  There’s nothing funny about it.  Each represents an underlying problem thatContinue reading “#37: On Failure”