#432: Teaching Nightmares (a poem on April 25, 2022)

You would thinkthat after 33 yearsof classroom teaching,one would cease to have nightmaresabout teaching.You would be wrong to think that. Sometimes they comerandomly here and there, once or twice a year, and mostly they’re easyto shake off. But sometimesthey come, spawned, one imagines, by a real-lifeclassroom nightmarethat becomes obsessive, on which the educator-brain becomes stuck,asContinue reading “#432: Teaching Nightmares (a poem on April 25, 2022)”

#399: Poem on April 26, 2021

Remember that nightmare I had about distance learning? Poem #398 for easy reference. Well, that nightmare, or some version of it, was a lived experience for me on my first day back to school for hybrid learning. So here’s a poem on that occasion, unfortunately this time, not a dream but a reality. The kidsContinue reading “#399: Poem on April 26, 2021”

#398: Poem on April 25, 2021

Here’s an occasional poem, of sorts: on the occasion of having a teaching nightmare on the eve of returning to the school building for hybrid learning, April, 2021. I actually composed the following before I knew today’s suggested prompt, and I do think I would like to compose a poem more directly or seriously forContinue reading “#398: Poem on April 25, 2021”