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#288: Classes I Could Teach


I’ve been a school teacher
for a very long time but I never
did get to teach the classes
I think students really need.
Here’s a short list of my best
work, potentially, as an educator:

Be Really Quiet 101

How Not to Be an Ass

Favorite Words for Beginners

Advanced Favorite Words

Poems for Patients Who Chew Gum

What’s Wrong With Boys?

How to Love Your Mind

Where Food Belongs, and It’s Not Where You Think

Should You Write On This?

Things in This Room That Don’t Belong to You

Love, Kindness, and Respect:
Why You Don’t Have Any, How You Might Give It Or Get Some More Often

Is This Garbage, Paper Recycling, Or Bottle Recycling, and as Such, Where Does it Go?

Bottle Flipping Is A Stupid Past Time

Advanced Unlearning

How To Tell The Difference Between a Charging Input and the Headphone Jack on the Chromebook

Underrated Happiness for Beginners

Advanced Underrated Happiness

Listening is a Good Thing 101

You’re Not As Stupid As You Think

Music Appreciation

The Semi-colon is Neat, and Other Favorite Punctuation Pieces, Such As: Dangerous Tricks with Dashes and Interrobangs

Shut Up and Read Your Book, a Book, Any Book

How Your Stupid Smart Phone Is Killing You

Awareness: A Thing You Too Could Have











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