Mindfulness in 2018: A Reflection

My meditation stats were stunning in 2018, comparatively, that is. Here’s the snapshot: one hundred and seventy-one consecutive days on the cushion as compared to one hundred and twenty four days the previous year. That’s an improvement of almost an entire two month’s worth of meditation on a cushion. However, I must confess that myContinue reading “Mindfulness in 2018: A Reflection”

#231: A Poem On My 52nd Birthday (with Glasses)

My eye sight’s all right. The only glasses I’ve ever worn were just for show, you know. But at the last check up the doctor gave me a prescription just in case I wanted to see “a little bit better.” I ordered reading glasses instead and received them just in time for my 52nd birthday.Continue reading “#231: A Poem On My 52nd Birthday (with Glasses)”

I’m Turning 50!

Oh fuck. I’m turning 50. Beginning with the expletive that seems most fitting for the occasion, I begin this project of reflecting on just what this whole thing means to me, how it feels, how I’m coping, if I’m coping, what might be learned as I crest the top of the hill and begin to danceContinue reading “I’m Turning 50!”

Of The End of Winter Break and a Bunch of Other Of

Sunday, January 6, the end of Winter Break in the school district for which I work.  Always mixed feelings about the end of any lengthy break from teaching. There’s some dread about having to get up and work hard again, always.  And there’s a sense of discombobulation and confusion about what it was we wereContinue reading “Of The End of Winter Break and a Bunch of Other Of”