Notes On My First Attempt at NaNoWriMo: Writing a Novel in 30 Days

It has been five days since I reached the goal of writing 50,000 words, a draft of a novel, in a single month. I wrote, to be precise (sort of), 50,139 words during the month of November, and according to my goal tracking page on Novelpad (an online novel writing application I discovered through theContinue reading “Notes On My First Attempt at NaNoWriMo: Writing a Novel in 30 Days”

On My First Attempt at NaNoWriMo: Writing a Novel in 30 Days

It seems crazy, doesn’t it? I completed my first novel over an entire decade. I finished my second novel over the next decade. It took me eight years to write a novella. Granted, during the composition of all three of these pieces I was employed as a full-time public school English teacher–which may have beenContinue reading “On My First Attempt at NaNoWriMo: Writing a Novel in 30 Days”

#368: It’s Friday

It’s Friday at the end of the second weirdest teaching week in history and I’m not going to write a poem about a piece of fruit. In my resistance to writing about fruit, in addition to a number of diversions today, I almost neglected to write a poem at all. My impulse today was toContinue reading “#368: It’s Friday”

#166: A Couple of Clerihews

Senator Elizabeth Warren– she won’t allow any snorin’ but neither will she give us our fun; she refuses over and over to run. Friedrich Nietzsche could not be seen with a pee-chee; a notebook guy, clearly it’s true– how else could he pen Zarathu stra Michael Jarmer has become quite the verse farmer, but attempting some Clerihew funContinue reading “#166: A Couple of Clerihews”

#159: Listening, Drinking, Watching

(a landay/ghazal hybrid) Last night–I stay up late listening: new records spin in the dark and there’s bourbon to sip. A police car pulls in across the street, lights ablaze, I leave my headphones on and watch. I cannot tell what is happening but there is no indication of violence here so I continue listening, watching as theContinue reading “#159: Listening, Drinking, Watching”

#158: Shopping for Records on the Anniversary of Paul Revere’s Ride

On the 240th anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride, I ride to Music Millennium for Record Store Day. I wait in line for an hour to get inside and while I wait I see a former student of mine whose friend (just along for the journey) is offered $100 by some dude with an ankle injury toContinue reading “#158: Shopping for Records on the Anniversary of Paul Revere’s Ride”

#157: A Spectacular Cat Gif

Pretend, for a moment, this poem is a spectacular cat gif, and you like it. You like it very much. You like your liking it, and you share or reblog, perhaps you’ll even tweet, instagram, or vine; you’ll repost in every imaginable format and your friends will follow and follow, like and like, to theContinue reading “#157: A Spectacular Cat Gif”

#155: The Poet Addresses His Poem in Crayon on a Napkin at a Restaurant

Poem, why the firetruck are you written on this napkin? You think you can just show up any old place? Have you no self-respect? What will people say, your lines and stanzas just hanging out like this in the open air? You’re disgusting.

#153: My Son Loves Cows

My Son Loves Cows He used to love hamburgers, but now he loves cows and is experiencing his first serious moral dilemma in his 9 years on Earth. The last time we fired up the grill he wept through the whole meal. You don’t have to eat it, son; on this occasion we WILL makeContinue reading “#153: My Son Loves Cows”

#150: Sick Dog (an Abecedarian)

At 3 in the morning, no Barking, but an old dog fails the attempt to Climb the stairs, Drops back down: Early, the dog is sick. Fuck. Shit everywhere, God awful stench, Holding back my own retching, In every room of the main floor, I’m Juggling paper towels, disinfectant, Kitchen linoleum scrub, Livid, trying not toContinue reading “#150: Sick Dog (an Abecedarian)”