#340: Skylarking

It’s 1986, the winter after our wedding and we’re living in a shack. Seriously, I’m not a tall guy and I can stand in the living room and place my hands flat on the ceiling. It’s the holiday season and I’ve just bought XTC’s “Skylarking,” which I listen to from start to finish over andContinue reading “#340: Skylarking”

Melt The Guns

For those of you who have been following my project of listening to my music collection from A to Z and writing reflections on each album: no, I am not jumping ahead from D to X. ┬áInstead, inspired by a friend of mine posting this tune in Facebook on the day we learned of yetContinue reading “Melt The Guns”

Some Things that Sucked about Music in the 80’s

It’s time to make some pronouncements. ┬áI have no authority, and I hate it when people who have no authority make pronouncements, but because I am a musician and can kind of claim to know something about music, and because I lived through, was actually a teenager and a young adult in this particular era,Continue reading “Some Things that Sucked about Music in the 80’s”