#393: Poem on April 20, 2021

The suggestion from Napowrimo today is to write a sijo, a traditional Korean form. It’s like a haiku, only wider. It’s a wide-load haiku. Lines can be as long as about 16 syllables. And it has a kind of magical relationship with the sonnet, I’m told, in that it’s kind of a discussion with twistContinue reading “#393: Poem on April 20, 2021”

A Journal of the Plague Year: #25

This morning I got up to find a comment posted to one of my blog entries! How exciting is that? I will tell you. It’s pretty exciting. It’s rare, these days–it’s rare in general, but it seems more rare these days–in part, I know, because I have not been writing. Guess what the blog entryContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #25”

A Journal of the Plague Year: #24

September 15, 2020 Yesterday was the first official day of school for students in my district, the first time in my 32 year career that the school year would open with distance learning on account of a viral pandemic, and, as it turns out, the first time in my 32 year career that school wouldContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #24”

Journal of the Plague Year: #20

As a high school English teacher, I believe that on Friday, June 12, 2020, I experienced the strangest last day of school in the history of last school days. I mean, on the surface, it was somewhat unremarkable. I got out of bed at 8:30 a.m., took a shower, didn’t shave, moseyed on downstairs inContinue reading “Journal of the Plague Year: #20”

A Journal of the Plague Year: #18

It’s been almost two full months since my last entry in A Journal of the Plague Year, although, as part of National Poetry Writing Month I wrote 30 poems, many of which were, by their nature and subject matter, a continuation of the journal in another form. During the month of May I took aContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #18”

#372: Day 28 Hummingbird Haiku

My sophomores, under the gentle tutelage of a wonderfully gifted student teacher, are distance learning about imagery, beyond the sort of rudimentary understanding that imagery is language that appeals to the senses, into a deeper knowledge that imagery plays on both the intellect and the emotions, that it is associative, that it often works bestContinue reading “#372: Day 28 Hummingbird Haiku”

#368: It’s Friday

It’s Friday at the end of the second weirdest teaching week in history and I’m not going to write a poem about a piece of fruit. In my resistance to writing about fruit, in addition to a number of diversions today, I almost neglected to write a poem at all. My impulse today was toContinue reading “#368: It’s Friday”

#365: Staff Meeting in a Google Hangout

Our principal postponed the official and virtual staff meeting until Thursday, expecting new information about distance learning to come in after our regularly scheduled Tuesday morning Hangout. He held the Tuesday meeting open, though, made it voluntary, invited us to attend for mostly social reasons. I’m guessing about 30 of us showed up at thatContinue reading “#365: Staff Meeting in a Google Hangout”