#339: A Poem for Easter

Jesus and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar. Sugar ants invade the bathroom, are crawling all over the toothpaste tube and toothbrushes. They are not, necessarily, on friendly terms; it goes almost without saying. The bunny goes in for Steam Punk art, likes Jesus and the Mary Chain, which the Son of God finds amusing,Continue reading “#339: A Poem for Easter”

#286: When Easter Falls on April Fools Day

The first poem of the month has a provocative title, and suggests, provocatively, that Jesus was joking. He made us think he was dead and then rose again on the third day, the first day of April, to shoot hoops with his friends. Most everyone was totally fished in. You would be. But of course,Continue reading “#286: When Easter Falls on April Fools Day”

#269: A Letter of Gratitude to My Wife and Son (another prose poem)

Dear family, I am about to begin my journey home. Almost everything is put away and the trailer is hitched up (I never did unhitch); all I have to do now is climb in and start up the engine. It was a good trip. Even though I was with my brother and his friends, I spentContinue reading “#269: A Letter of Gratitude to My Wife and Son (another prose poem)”

#120: The Resident Eight Year Old Speaks of Easter

Well, at first, I thought it was just about candy, you know, just as I thought Christmas was about presents. And I thought Easter was about magical bunnies just as Christmas was about Santa. But now I know. Now I know that Easter and the Christmas holiday are both about Jesus. In December, people celebrateContinue reading “#120: The Resident Eight Year Old Speaks of Easter”