#431: Don’t Want To Write a Poem on April 24, 2022

It took 24 days,but finally, I don’t wantto write a poem. It’s not unusualin a run of 30 daysduring the Aprilmonth to have such a feelingsooner or later. Nothing appeals: the prompt doesn’t interest, the mindis tired, or, in mycase, unsettled, distracted; What ISunusual, is the intensity of my resistance today. I just don’t wanttoContinue reading “#431: Don’t Want To Write a Poem on April 24, 2022”

#368: It’s Friday

It’s Friday at the end of the second weirdest teaching week in history and I’m not going to write a poem about a piece of fruit. In my resistance to writing about fruit, in addition to a number of diversions today, I almost neglected to write a poem at all. My impulse today was toContinue reading “#368: It’s Friday”