#57: This Is Happening


This Is Happening:

Today, in my first
official act
as reverend,
I will officiate the wedding
of two former students of mine.
I have written some words for,
rehearsed and supped with
these two bright stars from
some deep place earlier
in my career some
15 years back.  And I wonder
at this turn of events,
this, perhaps the headiest
gift a teacher could ever
receive from the work,
an invitation to be a part
of this most profound
moment in his students’ lives.
I’m staggered by the honor,
humbled by the task,
nervous, sure, but
mostly thankful beyond
imagination for a vocation
that makes possible
this kind of happening.
I don’t know what
I’m going to wear yet
but I am rehearsed
and ready for my first
sacred task. Yes.
This is happening.

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

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