#431: Don’t Want To Write a Poem on April 24, 2022

It took 24 days,but finally, I don’t wantto write a poem. It’s not unusualin a run of 30 daysduring the Aprilmonth to have such a feelingsooner or later. Nothing appeals: the prompt doesn’t interest, the mindis tired, or, in mycase, unsettled, distracted; What ISunusual, is the intensity of my resistance today. I just don’t wanttoContinue reading “#431: Don’t Want To Write a Poem on April 24, 2022”

Back At It To Celebrate National Poetry Month

Dear readers, fellow bloggers and poets, friends, Romans, countrymen, Lend me your ears and eyes, if you would. Every year there is a dry spell, a fallow period for yours truly in which almost nothing gets written. The last time I posted, it was December, 2021. This year that fallow period was way longer thanContinue reading “Back At It To Celebrate National Poetry Month”

A Journal of the Plague Year: #25

This morning I got up to find a comment posted to one of my blog entries! How exciting is that? I will tell you. It’s pretty exciting. It’s rare, these days–it’s rare in general, but it seems more rare these days–in part, I know, because I have not been writing. Guess what the blog entryContinue reading “A Journal of the Plague Year: #25”

Stop the Block by Writing About the Block: A Resolution

As the song says, it’s been a long time since I rock and rolled. Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of literal rocking and rolling on the drums. I’m speaking figuratively about the kind of rock and roll that typically manifests itself in poetry, fiction, and right here on the blog site. Inexplicably (or not),Continue reading “Stop the Block by Writing About the Block: A Resolution”

#325: Idea for a Poem

I have an idea for a poem that I haven’t yet written. This is not that poem. This is the poem about the poem I would like to write. I’d call it a preemptive poem because it takes the place of the poem I’d like to write and the poem I’d like to write remainsContinue reading “#325: Idea for a Poem”

Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: Last Night’s Reading, Short Stay Alumni Converge, More Talk About Secret Agents, and Voices Inside Our Heads

This title pretty much says it all. I think my work is done here. Perhaps I can begin with the stuff left unfinished or uncovered by my title’s verbosity. We had a lovely little meditation experience this morning sandwiched between two readings of Stafford’s “Ask Me.” Some time when the river is ice ask me/mistakesContinue reading “Dispatches from Writer’s Camp: Last Night’s Reading, Short Stay Alumni Converge, More Talk About Secret Agents, and Voices Inside Our Heads”

#296: The 11th Poem of April

was difficult to write. I didn’t like today’s suggestion. I thought about witch hunts, fist fights between teenagers, and spring time rain. I thought about my dogs and how angry I was at the one for waking me up at 2 in the morning and at the other because she took a dump on myContinue reading “#296: The 11th Poem of April”

Radio Silence (An Interview)

It’s been quiet around here on the Michael Jarmer blog. Don’t think I haven’t noticed. Don’t think I haven’t wondered what had become of that guy who was wont to be so prolific with his blogging. Don’t think I haven’t worried about him just a bit. Well, me and this Michael Jarmer guy happen toContinue reading “Radio Silence (An Interview)”

#115: Terza Rima (A Complaint Ending In Banana)

I’m sorry about this one.  Written late in the day when the brain is mush, it’s a terza rima, a form invented or popularized by Dante and bastardized by the English:  3 line stanzas in iambic pentameter with a “chained” rhyme scheme that ends in a single line chained to the middle rhyme of the lastContinue reading “#115: Terza Rima (A Complaint Ending In Banana)”