#290: Coda (Zebra Boat)

Today, the napowrimo website challenges us to write a poem that reacts both to photography and to words in a language not our own. We are to begin with a photograph. Then we are to find a poem in a language we do not know. Ignoring any accompanying English translation, we are to then translateContinue reading “#290: Coda (Zebra Boat)”

#277: Dog and Bunny Medieval Marginalia

  I A dog astride a bunny is jousting to the death against a bunny astride a snail, battling while balancing precariously on a thorned tendril of a rose bush. The dog appears joyful in the face of this encounter, but both the bunny he is riding and the bunny he is battling look surprised, concerned,Continue reading “#277: Dog and Bunny Medieval Marginalia”

#183: Brain Blimp

  Brain Blimp I have painted a painting of you, a portrait, so to speak. I have painted your brain, or rather I have made a painting of your brain. It’s on the wing, so to speak. I’ve portrayed it not as bird but as blimp, powered by rocket box adorned with an eyeball andContinue reading “#183: Brain Blimp”

#127: Giant Boy Scoops Up Unsuspecting Bikers Off The Beach

The Bikers were minding their own business, standing around their bonfire, working super hard to keep it going despite the occasional and violent rain, causing no harm, no disturbance, when a giant boy in red sweat pants and a black hoodie scooped them off the beach and tossed them into the ocean to a group of hungryContinue reading “#127: Giant Boy Scoops Up Unsuspecting Bikers Off The Beach”