#130: Farewell, For Now


I asked my students what I should write my last poem of the month about and one kid suggested I go all meta.  Write a poem about writing a poem about writing poems, he said.  It was a pretty good idea.  But instead, I took the prompt from the last prompt of the month from the NaPoWriMo website, not quite so meta: a farewell poem.

Farewell, For Now

I wrote 30 poems,
one for every day of the
cruelest month, as part of
a national celebration
of Poetry. So,
what now?

A farewell, I guess,
to a poem every day,
to poetry, generally
speaking, but perhaps,
not for long, because,
while it’s easy to
give up on a poem a day,
to give up on discipline
and structure and intention,
it’s hard for me
to imagine a month
without any poetry
at all. What kind of
month would that be?
Cruel, indeed.
So farewell, for now,
to poetry every day.
We’ll take wagers,
you and I,
see how long I can stay away.

Published by michaeljarmer

I'm a public high school English teacher, fiction writer, poet, and musician in Portland, Oregon

5 thoughts on “#130: Farewell, For Now

  1. Hey Michael, Have you considered THE GRIND? Sign up monthly to work in a group of about ten people: only requirement is the daily writing (with a day off per week after the first month). You have choices of groups: new poetry, new and revised poetry, new prose, new and revised poetry, or what the Grind calls Manic Mixture. There is no critique involved. I have worked alongside some stellar writers. I’ve been working in the mixed group for a long time, though started in fiction, new and revised.

    Ross White, the person who started The Grind, is a wally grad.

    It’s too late to join for May, but you could try for June.

    Here is Ross’s email info: rosswhite@gmail.com

    love Faith H

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