#290: Coda (Zebra Boat)

Today, the napowrimo website challenges us to write a poem that reacts both to photography and to words in a language not our own. We are to begin with a photograph. Then we are to find a poem in a language we do not know. Ignoring any accompanying English translation, we are to then translateContinue reading “#290: Coda (Zebra Boat)”

#183: Brain Blimp

  Brain Blimp I have painted a painting of you, a portrait, so to speak. I have painted your brain, or rather I have made a painting of your brain. It’s on the wing, so to speak. I’ve portrayed it not as bird but as blimp, powered by rocket box adorned with an eyeball andContinue reading “#183: Brain Blimp”

#129: Recipe for Disaster

Ocean of sky today, blue, clear, and a monkey siphoned all the gas from our car, gasoline fumes wafting, the drip, drip, drip evidence on concrete, crows soaring above the trees, I taste the toothpaste still from half an hour before, and rub an itch on my scalp, an itch that smells like gasoline. Rex Putnam, hereContinue reading “#129: Recipe for Disaster”