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#198: On the Edge (a book spine poem)


For today’s book spine poem, I find these gems in the green room during another 10 hour rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet. I’m feeling particularly inspired. It could be a two poem kind of day.

On The Edge

The classical monologues and
scenes for women, by women
telling tales with all the timing
in the actor’s quotation book,
theatrically speaking, are cutting
on the edge, challenging short
plays for teen actors.

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#40: Gertrude and Alice Learning Targets (a book spine poem)


This was a happy accident.  These books were pretty much in this order on my desktop, so, inspired by a recent book spine photo I saw in The Mighty Social Network, I decided to “craft” my first book spine poem.  And I love the idea that the company suggested by the following titles would have not a few things to say about current fads in education reform.  What would Gertrude Stein have to say about writing rubrics, for example.  I also like how I worked my hair into the photo of the poem. So here goes a very slight thing.

Gertrude and Alice Learning Targets

The river Why
contested Will,
Gertrude and Alice
learning targets,
rethinking rubrics.

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