#433: An Epic Simile for the School Year (a poem on April 26, 2022)

This school year is flying bylike a bullet train at lightning speed,its passengers securely buckled in, or, even, despite incrediblerates of acceleration, move freely inside the cabins as if they werestanding stock still, sipping theirdrinks, forking their hors d’oeuvres,oblivious to the fact that they are moving at 200 miles per hour.I think, but I amContinue reading “#433: An Epic Simile for the School Year (a poem on April 26, 2022)”

Journal of the Plague Year: #20

As a high school English teacher, I believe that on Friday, June 12, 2020, I experienced the strangest last day of school in the history of last school days. I mean, on the surface, it was somewhat unremarkable. I got out of bed at 8:30 a.m., took a shower, didn’t shave, moseyed on downstairs inContinue reading “Journal of the Plague Year: #20”

#39: On the End of the School Year

On the End of the School Year It’s always a cluster, unnatural and awkward in every way, but mostly for teachers, or maybe just for teachers like yourself, English teachers with too many students, too much grading, not enough time to get it done, or, at least, to do it well, speeding through, losing sleep,Continue reading “#39: On the End of the School Year”