#280: A Mostly Unrhymed Food Dipodic at the Close of Teacher Appreciation Week

This week for teacher appreciation, they bring us junk to eat, like chips, and candy, bread, pancakes, syrup, none of which I can eat, sadly. Yesterday, kids wheeled in wagons full of goodies into classrooms from which I could only choose bottled water. Somehow, this week I don’t quite feel the love; appreciation is notContinue reading “#280: A Mostly Unrhymed Food Dipodic at the Close of Teacher Appreciation Week”

#271: The Neologist Speaks about Food

Lately, I have had two dreams, both inexorborific, one concerning jelly beans, another about beer, farfignewtons. I will dream next about cheese. I have not had a sandwich in ten horrorflopnoggen days. Candy is no longer thingful. I wouldn’t recognito a potato chip if it bit me right on the keatettle. I’ve not had milk.Continue reading “#271: The Neologist Speaks about Food”

#246: A Recipe

A Recipe Mix together in a bowl the following invisible things: Ad no alcohol, zero grains, absolutely no sugar, no beans, no milk, butter, or cream, and no other artificial anything. I have a bad feeling about this. Someone in the house wants to go healthy and I have agreed to play along. The partContinue reading “#246: A Recipe”