#374: Ode for a Colleague Leaving

You are a force of nature, a force to be reckoned with in the best possible way; students say they are afraid of you and yet they love you, clearly. What they fear, actually, is your disappointment, not your wrath; although, to be fair, you can be wrathful– I’ve seen it with my own eyes;Continue reading “#374: Ode for a Colleague Leaving”

#147: Ode to Ears

Ode to Ears They say you only appreciate something once you’ve lost it. I didn’t lose my ears, literally, but rather, the use of them. Because some glob of wax lodged itself deep inside my ears, I have been dizzy deaf now for several days. A horrible experience, but worth it: the doctor reaches inContinue reading “#147: Ode to Ears”

#107: Ode To Vinyl

  The love poem for my dear wife is forthcoming, especially in light of all she’s been through lately. ┬áNeed some time to get it right, though, so, today’s assignment from NaPoWriMo is to write a love poem for an inanimate object. Here’s to another love: Ode To Vinyl I was 23 and bought theContinue reading “#107: Ode To Vinyl”