#427: A Poem from Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing” on April 21, 2022

I hear the American High Schoolsinging, the varied carols I hear: students sing their waydown the hallways andinto classrooms, where, sometimes, they stop singing, quiet, headsdown, depressed or exhausted–other timesthe singing never ceasesand their verses and chorusespercolate and resonate througheach 87 minute period.I hear the teachers sing their teaching voices, singing their lessonsunceasingly, tirelessly, musteringContinue reading “#427: A Poem from Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing” on April 21, 2022″

#407: Another Erasure Poem on April 4, 2022

Oh my god, here he comes!He was a myth:descending the dark stairs,flourishing gestures of a hat,the First National Bank–his open window.  Even in our ashesshe clasped the rich seclusion.She’s the one with the money.She’s the one wants to be an opera singer.She’s the one wants to be an actress! She halted, indecisively,the cool gulch ofContinue reading “#407: Another Erasure Poem on April 4, 2022”

#223: A Course in Silence

My sophomores and I are studying the poetry of William Stafford and, as is inevitable in a study of poetry, at least from my perspective,  we are also writing poems. An exercise slightly more open-ended than the corruption assignment, is to simply take inspiration from our man Stafford, either by attempting, as he did forContinue reading “#223: A Course in Silence”

#181: I Am From Jarmers

On the very first days with my sophomores in the new school year, I asked them to write some goals for themselves, things they wanted to learn or accomplish in the new year in English Language Arts. I gave them the spiel that often goals are stupid things because we allow them to slip awayContinue reading “#181: I Am From Jarmers”