#407: Another Erasure Poem on April 4, 2022

Oh my god, here he comes!He was a myth:descending the dark stairs,flourishing gestures of a hat,the First National Bank–his open window.  Even in our ashesshe clasped the rich seclusion.She’s the one with the money.She’s the one wants to be an opera singer.She’s the one wants to be an actress! She halted, indecisively,the cool gulch ofContinue reading “#407: Another Erasure Poem on April 4, 2022”

#404: Two Erasure Poems on April 1, 2022

Grotesquely muffled,the dancers, facesflushed with food, packed into a throngof neighbors. My heart gave a jump–a storm door, wooden. She was there in another moment, into the night. No mercy. The horse’s headhanging under the umbrella,water running in the gutter. Pleasant journey! The coachman,the waiter:transparent,shelter at the stationin the shadows. Goodbye.Goodbye.The hospital? Take good care.Goodbye.IContinue reading “#404: Two Erasure Poems on April 1, 2022”

#397: Poem on April 24, 2021

Poem on April 24 A man has been crushed to death by a butterflyhe had been hunting in Zimbabwe last Friday. Theunis Botha was hunting a group of butterflieson an insect reserve with clients when the party accidentally stumbled upon a breeding flutter in Good Luck Farm near Hwange National Park. It is reported that threeContinue reading “#397: Poem on April 24, 2021”

#337: A Living Legend on Two Continents

  Coincidentally, I have already written a poem this month that follows today’s suggestion from the napowrimo website, to write an abecedarian, a poem that uses the alphabet as  some key feature of its form. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a linky-link. It turned out nicely, I think. Since my intern Max isContinue reading “#337: A Living Legend on Two Continents”

#287: The Resident 12 Year Old Writes a Bunch of Easter Egg Notes for His Dad

(a found poem, with minor edits) Out of all the people I could think to be my dad, you fall into that category easily. Thank you for making me grilled cheese sandwiches so I don’t die. All around people love you (the person in front of you, your lodge buddies, your workspace friends, etc.); youContinue reading “#287: The Resident 12 Year Old Writes a Bunch of Easter Egg Notes for His Dad”

#199: A Poem from Director’s Notes

A Poem from Director’s Notes (for Michael Mendelson) Move the language forward. Move the language, lift the language. To whom are you talking? There are only three possibilities: the earth, the gods, or another human being. If it happens to be a human being, ask yourself: how do I feel about the person I amContinue reading “#199: A Poem from Director’s Notes”

#190: Wheels

For day #2 of napowrimo, I offer up a found poem, a poem that steals its text wholesale from some other non-poetic source, say, a newspaper article, or a sign, or the print on a cereal box. While the general rule of thumb is to find text that is innocent of even remotely being like poetry, I’veContinue reading “#190: Wheels”

#12: The Shadows

What follows is called a blackout poem. A kind of found poem, it requires a text of some kind, not poetry, and a felt tip marker. Essentially, you carve an original poem out of this pre-existing text, highlighting your chosen words, phrases, sentences, and blacking out or otherwise obscuring the rest. It becomes both aContinue reading “#12: The Shadows”