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#86: Another Stupid Human Facebook Trick


So, how many times
have you replied to a Facebook post
simply begging for your special brand
of snark and sarcasm and humor
and then changed your mind at
the last minute and deleted the whole
thing before you could post your reply?
You think, no, they won’t get it,
or, yes, they will get it and it will be bad,
or, no, that’s a nasty response,
or, no, this actually is not worth my time.
In this last case, you’re mad
because you’ve already spent the time
and then doubly mad because the time
you’ve spent is immediately sent
down the memory hole and lost forever.
At least, today, in the case of the post in question,
“I can be such an asshole,”
to which you responded and then deleted,
“I wasn’t going to say anything, but since
you’ve mentioned it: yes,”
at least, today, you got yourself a poem.


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