On Social Networks, Redux: Is Real Dialogue Possible?

This is a follow-up from an entry I made in 2012, before Trump’s presidency, before fake news, before Russian interference in our democracy, before doctored videos that made Nancy Pelosi seem like a drunk, from a time when, nevertheless, half way into Obama’s two-term presidency, a vicious kind of divide was taking place, exacerbated byContinue reading “On Social Networks, Redux: Is Real Dialogue Possible?”

#86: Another Stupid Human Facebook Trick

So, how many times have you replied to a Facebook post simply begging for your special brand of snark and sarcasm and humor and then changed your mind at the last minute and deleted the whole thing before you could post your reply? You think, no, they won’t get it, or, yes, they will getContinue reading “#86: Another Stupid Human Facebook Trick”