#178: A Friend Has Commented On My Memory

A Friend Has Commented On My Memory Facebook tells me when someone, a friend presumably, has commented on my memory. I like this. I like, first, that my friends can see my memory. It’s remarkable. No where else is it possible to for friends to see my memory. If they are in a room with me, perhaps,Continue reading “#178: A Friend Has Commented On My Memory”

#86: Another Stupid Human Facebook Trick

So, how many times have you replied to a Facebook post simply begging for your special brand of snark and sarcasm and humor and then changed your mind at the last minute and deleted the whole thing before you could post your reply? You think, no, they won’t get it, or, yes, they will getContinue reading “#86: Another Stupid Human Facebook Trick”

#66: The American English Teacher Doesn’t Want His Student To See Him Using Facebook

So, the student stops by the house of his English teacher to pick up a younger member of his family who’s taking music lessons from the English teacher’s wife, and he comes into the study to say hello and the English teacher minimizes his Facebook page so that the student doesn’t know that this isContinue reading “#66: The American English Teacher Doesn’t Want His Student To See Him Using Facebook”

#52: Stupid Human Facebook Tricks

(with apologies to all my friends guilty of the following) I think one has to earn the right to post pictures of one’s food. First, it must be good food, carefully prepared, photogenic food, artfully arranged, economically described. Otherwise, I don’t want to see anybody’s food. And I refuse to respond to posts that testContinue reading “#52: Stupid Human Facebook Tricks”