#228: On the Day After the Election

Having wept myself to sleep the night before, I got up and went to work in the school house where we met in small teams in the library to plan or do curriculum work or talk about assessments, where instead I chose to color with crayons at the table our new librarian set up forContinue reading “#228: On the Day After the Election”

Embarking Yet Again on Another Forced Creativity Experiment: Year 3 of NAPOWRIMO

Happy National Poetry Month! Beginning on Wednesday, April 1 (this is no April Fool’s joke), I will attempt for the third year in a row to participate in the NaPoWriMo challenge of writing a poem a day for the entire month and publishing each poem here on the blog site. I promise, once again, not to cheat; IContinue reading “Embarking Yet Again on Another Forced Creativity Experiment: Year 3 of NAPOWRIMO”

#97: Doing the Extra Soul Credit

Is this worth any points? they ask. And I say, of course, but you won’t see them in the grade book; instead, you’ll feel them somewhere inside your head or your heart–that’s why we call it extra soul credit. Very few students are motivated by this. I don’t care. While I’m not opposed to enrichmentContinue reading “#97: Doing the Extra Soul Credit”