#24o: Afterinaugurationmath

The day after my media fast, I binged on media, mostly on pictures and stories of women, women holding signs saying things like, You can’t have my rights, I’m using them; This is my resisting bitch face; So bad, even introverts are here; I came here to knit sweaters and punch nazis and I’m all out ofContinue reading “#24o: Afterinaugurationmath”

#233: A Meditation on Forgetting to Meditate While Meditating

(for Scott) Walking the dog, focusing on the breath, in and out, in rhythm with my step, my digital meditation bell ticking away for twenty-five minutes inside my pocket, suddenly I realize that I am missing group meditation. I have to breathe more deeply through the frustration I feel for my forgetful self, meditating and forgettingContinue reading “#233: A Meditation on Forgetting to Meditate While Meditating”

#106: O Lorde

O Lorde, everyone and their dog is giving you kudos not only because your music is terrific but lately because of a tweet. You posted two pictures of yourself both taken from the same day and the same performance and one of them was photoshopped and the other was not. People thought this was braveContinue reading “#106: O Lorde”